Set up a Gmail account

Here are some helpful instructions on setting up a Gmail account. 

There are other free email providers, but many of us use gmail and highly recommend it.

Step 1
Go to and click on the Gmail link in the bar across the top. This takes you to a page where you will create your new email account.









Step 2
This is the page where you sign in to an existing Gmail account.
We're still setting up an account though, so first click on Create account for free on the left.








Step 3
On this page, you need to enter your personal details to set up the account. You can leave Mobile Phone and Other Email blank.
You do however have to proof that you are a human: Google needs to add this so people can't write programs to automatically create accounts and send spam.
Type the jagged letters into the text field below, as shown in the example below. Often they are really hard to read so if you can't make sense of them, click the round arrow next to the text box to load a different word pair.
You also have to agree to Google's Terms of Service by clicking the first checkbox. You don't have to check the second box that allows Google to customise the ads they are showing you - we usually leave that one blank. 

Make sure you keep your email address and password in a safe place where you can find and remember it - but nobody else can.
When ready, click Next step to proceed.















Step 4

This page lets you create a profile and upload a photo. This is completely optional and we recommend you simply click next for now (you can always do this later if you'd like.

Click Next step to proceed.














Step 5

That's it! Your registration is complete.

Press Get started to  go to your new Gmail account.











Step 6
Enter your new email address (this is your username) and password to log on to your Gmail account for the first time.






Step 7

Try sending your first email. Enter your own new email address into the To field. Type some text into the Subject and the message field, then click Send. You've just sent an email to yourself and within a few seconds it will appear in your inbox as a new email.



















Step 9

Read your new emails. All new emails are listed in the Inbox. Unread emails are displayed in bold font.






Step 10

When you're done, be sure to sign out before you leave the computer

Click on your name in the upper right, then press Sign out.

This is important step ( make sure you sign out ) for security reason.










Step 11

Congratulations! You now have an email adddress.

Happy emailing. :-)