Soup Hub 2.0

In July of 2015 we set up the second generation of the SoupHub w/ 5 new HP computers.  It sometimes surprises people that we do not use the popular Microsoft Windows or Mac OSX platforms on the computers.   Instead we use the less well known Ubuntu Linux platform for a variety of reasons but mainly for security and reliability.   The main difference between Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux based platforms is in the software licensing.  Windows and Mac are proprietary systems, while Linux is referred to as Free or Open Source software.  The company which makes the Ubuntu computer operating system works with the community to package and distribute this software and provides some support for it's users.  

One of the features Ubuntu providesScreenshot from 2016 04 14 14 33 31 is the "Temporary Guest Session" which allows users to login w/ out needing a password.  In the interest of security and keeping things tidy, when the guest session ends, any stored browser history, saved passwords, downloaded files (unless saved to a special folder) are removed.

There is a special folder which you can navigate to called "/var/guest-data" where you can save files and access them again in another session. Alternatively you can use a USB storage device to save your files, attach the files in an email or use another online storage service.  

Be sure to save your files as guest sessions time out after 45 minutes.  You will see a warning message pop up after 30 minutes, this is the time to begin saving your files.  Do not wait until the final warning which will pop up 3 minutes before the session automatically logs you out.