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Nigel Ramsay, Principal Consultant at Abletech

Tell me about your company, and why you have chosen to work with the Soup Hub

Abletech is an IT development company. We’re based in central Wellington, so we see a lot of homeless people every day right there in our neighbourhood. This can make you feel rather helpless because it’s clear that a few coins don’t change their situation. So, as a company, we were looking for opportunities to help in other, more sustainable ways, and when we discovered the Soup Hub, we knew it was a great fit.

Sponsoring the Soup Hub means that our staff members can choose to do shift at the hub every fortnight on company time. Volunteering at the Soup Hub is a great way for us to contribute to the community and help people in need.

How does your sponsorship for the Soup Hub fit into your company’s overall community engagement?

As a company, it’s an overall goal for us to make a difference, and we’ve been volunteering in a number of ways for a while. The Soup Hub matches what we want to do particularly well because we all come from a tech background. As IT professionals, we bring specific skills to the table. Here we can apply them in a way that really makes a difference in people’s lives.

How have your staff members received the programme?

Very well. We currently have three people actively doing shifts at the hub and they enjoy it a lot. Also, their colleagues have started noticing and others are getting interested. We’re now looking to grow our involvement and have more of our staff participate actively. In particular, we’d like to bring in more of the junior staff as it’s a great opportunity for them to get exposed to what really matters in life.

Your work at the hub is making a big difference for the guests there. Have you seen it benefit your own company as well?

Absolutely. In the IT industry, we’re in a bit of a bubble. Our work at the Soup Hub gives us the opportunity to break out of that privileged environment and see the world through the eyes of other people. There’s a real breadth of stories, cultures, and experiences at the hub. At Abletech we build web and mobile applications, and working with the people at the Soup Hub gives us better understanding and empathy for how people use technology. This, in turn, benefits the work we do for our own customers and their users.

What would you say to other companies considering a similar sponsorship?

Go for it! It’s easy to get going, the cost to the business is low, and you can really make a difference. For example, we helped someone create a CV one week, and noticed they didn’t come back to the hub the following week. Then we learned that’s because they found a job!

Companies like ours are really lucky and privileged. I think it’s our duty to share that and give back to the community, and this kind of sponsorship is a great way to do so.


Download our flyer, or contact us to get your company involved. We look forward to hearing from you!

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