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11 Jul 2013:
Our Digital Inclusion workshop at NetHui

Nethui is a conference that brings together everyone involved with Internet issues in New Zealand. The theme of this year's event, which ran from 8-10 July, was “The Power of an Open Internet”.

We wanted to share our experiences with the Soup Hub and connect with other practitioners from digital inclusion projects, so we ran a workshop. Our goal was to take a look at both our strengths and challenges, exchange lessons, articulate a desired state, and develop a few concrete steps towards that state.

About 35 people all in all attended our session, and we had lots of good conversations about challenges and ideas. Collaborative notes are available in a shared document. We're also going to set up a mailing list for interested people to continue the conversation.

Thanks to everyone who came and contributed!

7 Nov 2012:
Soup Hub recognised for our use of open source

Together with Wellington ICT for their council hubs, the Soup Hub won the 2012 New Zealand Open Source Award for Open Source in Social Services. Many thanks to everyone who helped make this happen!

1 Sep 2012:
The Soup Hub was on the radio!

Listen or download from This Way Up on the Radio New Zealand website.

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