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You can help make the Soup Hub more user-friendly by becoming a sponsor. For example, you could sponsor a set of good-quality monitors or headphones, more comfortable and ergonomic chairs, or even our broadband connection for a month. Talk to us about your ideas!

Thank you to our existing sponsors!

  • OnlineGroups.Net is sponsoring an online discussion group for Soup Hub volunteers so we can collaborate more effectively.
  • Let's Encrypt provides SSL certificates for this site, and can provide them for yours too!
  • Our beautiful logo was designed by Alannah Cate.
  • Wellington City Council is supporting us with a grant (general grants for social projects).
  • Catalyst IT has donated hardware, a spare desk and chairs. And a system administrator.
  • Abletech has sponsored employee volunteer time.
  • Sharesight has donated a networked laser printer.
  • Citylink have provided free internet access for the Soup Hub.
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Page last modified on November 03, 2019, at 03:36 PM