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We currently have a full roster of volunteers who commit to a 2 or 4-hour weekday afternoon shift as a hub supervisor. Volunteer commitments are always changing, so if you are interested in someday becoming a hub supervisor, please do get in touch.

You don’t have to be a computer expert, just generally know your way around a computer and the Internet. You do need to be reliable, open to new experiences, and keen to make a difference. There is no money, but this is an opportunity to help people gain important skills that will improve their lives in a significant way.

We are still looking for technical volunteers to help maintain and support our computer systems. We use the GNU/Linux operating system and mainly free/open source software, which is software developed and freely distributed by a community of computer users.

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Active volunteers can join our volunteer mailing list .

Some of our volunteers at the hub:

Photo credit: John Law

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